Apricot & Pistachio Truffles

I love the combination of sweet but slightly tart & tangy apricots with the salty, creaminess of pistachios in this mixture. The flavour and the soft truffly texture gives these ones a great after dinner treat quality. From a body benefit perspective dried apricots are a fantastic source of soluble fibre and also have more concentrated levels of potassium than their fresh counterparts which is essential to help maintain healthy blood pressure.

When you’re on the shop for dried apricots try to track down the natural unsulphured version to limit the amount of additives you’re ingesting. Sulphur is commonly used as a preservative in dried fruit. While apricots treated with it may look more appealing as they’ll be brighter and plumper in comparison with natural version which will appear more brown and dry the truth is in the taste. You’ll get a much more authentic apricot flavour from untreated ones, probably because your tastebuds aren’t being molested by all those nasties!

And pistachios? Well they’re just bloody delicious.


Get this stuff 

½ C pistachios

½ C dried apricots, soaked and drained

½ C shredded coconut

2T white chia seeds

I prefer white chia seeds for this recipe purely for visual reasons as the black ones have a tendency give things a funky grey tinge when they’re processed but there’ll be no difference in the taste or consistency of the end product if you use black

Options for coating: desiccated or shredded coconut, chia seeds, finely chopped pistachios

Do this with it

Blitz everything into a thick paste; roll teaspoon-sized blobs into balls and then into your choice of coating or just keep ‘em nude. They’ll be quite soft and sticky to begin with but throw them in the fridge and they’ll firm up nicely or if you like your balls hard then go ahead and take the freezer option.

Makes around 22 balls.


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