Zero Fucks

Things I do not have: perfect, model length legs; box gap; fulsome booty.

Things I do not give: fucks, not a flying one or a holy one, not a one – although I used to.

I spent a lot of time and energy in the past giving fucks out like confetti, but I learned the hard way that being so focused on ‘when I’ve got this, or look like that’ doesn’t leave much space for being happy and enjoying right now. So in the theme of zero fucks, I got me some booty shorts, or as husbandito to calls them, clacker pants – imperfect quadzilla legs be damned.

Despite all I’ve put it through in my quest for unattainable perfection, this body has been good to me, it’s carried two children (and I’m not done yet!), it’s strong, capable and serves me well and if my legs want to be liberated then fuck it, they will be, complete with a high five and a sporting bum tap from me!

Go on, try it, thank your body for what it is instead of focusing on what it isn’t, make friends and make peace with it, strive for progress not perfection. You’re fucking alright, you are.

Zero Fucks


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