Leading a Life in Balance

Choc and kale


A few weeks ago I was pretty stoked to contribute a few ideas to a great little e-book ‘101 Tips for leading a life in balance’ created by the lovely Shirley from Yoga With Me

  • Whatever you choose to do for yourself in terms of health and wellbeing needs to be sustainable, it’s a lifetime commitment to making the best choices for yourself everyday so it has to be something you can do for the rest of your life, but think lifestyle not life sentence. The whole aim is to make yourself feel GOOD. Deprivation and punishment are not fun ways to live, they don’t make anyone feel good so instead flip the focus to nourishment and appreciation of yourself and your efforts.
  • Let go of guilt and feelings of inadequacy, instead recognise the good you’re doing for yourself and celebrate every little success along your wellness journey, whether it’s lifting an extra kilo on your bar, or seeing one disappear off the scales, or adding a kilometre to your running distance. And if all that means having your kale with a chocolate chaser then great – just make it a couple of pieces of really amazing dark chocolate and savour every morsel!

These were my tips, and if you’d like 99 more you can download the whole e-book for free here and find out how to get some equilibrium in your existence.  Enjoy xx


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