The people spoke and fuck me drunk, I listened. Clean Eats From A Filthy Mouth official merchandise is coming your way mo’fos!

There’s tea towels to wipe fucking filth all over your nice clean dishes, aprons to wear your wine wisdom on your chest, and tote bags to display your fucking legendary status while you haul your groceries – or, more importantly – wine.

Pre-orders for the first print run are now open so come at me with your wish lists! Deliveries are planned for early December to be in your hot little hands in time for Christmas. Don’t leave your festive fate to that fat old drunk Santa, Sort yourself and your nearest and dearest out with some stellar Clean Eats From A Filthy Mouth Merchandise instead.  Wouldn’t Nana just love a fabulous fuck tea towel to polish the good china with?! And how ’bout Aunty Mavis, she’d look fucking flash in a fucking legendary apron, while any self respecting Dad would rock a foul mouthed metrosexual as fuck tote bag.


Click here to shop the range.



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