So, what the fuck is this all about?

Kale Yeah

I love food, I’ve always loved food, although unfortunately I haven’t always chosen the food that loves me back. There are far too many photos from my past to prove this, where I was either porky or sickly skinny, neither of which was much fun. It’s taken me the best part of 30 years to develop a healthy relationship with food and figure out what and how to eat. Of course getting to this point has taken a lot of trial and error with what and how not to eat.

The short story is that eating shit doesn’t work for me. If I eat shit, my body feels like shit and that has a knock on effect to my mental state which means I’m really just walking around feeling like a shitty bag of shit. I’m not happy and consequently no one around me is happy.

Now I’ve finally found a place where I’m comfortable with what I’m putting in my body and confident that it’s giving me the right nourishment for health and energy. My dietary approach is what some people would call clean, others primal or paleo-ish; I’m a fucker for adapting the rules to suit myself whatever I do so it’s a bit difficult to put a label on it. The fact is, you can call it whatever the hell you want but what it really comes down to is just eating real goddam food. Forget about the processed crap, e-numbers and unpronounceable ingredients (what the fuck is a disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate for fuck’s sake?). I kind of think if you can’t say it, you probably shouldn’t be eating it, the fewer modifications and molestations your food has to go through before it hits your plate the better. If you base your diet around real, fresh food as a starting point you can’t really go too far wrong.

I should add a disclaimer here that I make no claims at dietary qualifications or expertise. I make my nutrition choices based on information I’ve collected through reading, osmosis and self-experimentation but I don’t think I’ve found the holy grail and I’m always trying to learn more. All I aim to do here is share what I enjoy which is damn good food and to provide a bit of light hearted entertainment seasoned with a healthy dose of profanity along the way. So please, raise a fork to real food and a middle finger to shit with me, and enjoy!


5 thoughts on “So, what the fuck is this all about?

  1. awesome intro 🙂 exactly what I’m doing, and not being boxed in the paleo or primal sphere either. Fucks me off when people ask about why youre eating something if youre claiming to be paleo! Er exfuckingscuseme? what do you care what I put in my body??? Feck off noddy

    Bring on the real shit I say 🙂


      1. yeah I thought we just might 🙂
        on another note, my passive aggressive mother gets all uppity if so much as a grain of white rice is on my plate… “ooooooooo I thought you werent allowed that” I want to scream FUCK OFF really loudly but she would end up looking like she just sucked a lemon (future note for lemon sucky face comments, can you picture it?) I’m not bloody “cheating” on my “diet” if I have white rice once a month! gah… words fail me… luckily for me my husband can see my internal eye roll across the table and the twitching of my right eye. On rice days he sends me a viber message across the table (we eat there on sundays).
        Hope you can picture what I’m talking about.
        P.s viber at the dinner table isnt a rude thing, unless your whole family is somewhere else 🙂

        Elaine in NZ (with a lemon sucky mother)


  2. Oh yes, I know the lemon face well, here we refer to it as cat-bum face – tightly puckered & full of mean shit! People who have ‘traditional’ ideas about eating (mead & three veg, one of those being potato, processed starch at every meal etc) can find anything different very confronting and challenging because they don’t understand it.

    That ‘on a diet’ mentality is so well embedded in the general way of thinking as well, people don’t get that it’s a lifestyle aimed and giving your body the best nutrition possible to operate and it’s best and not a short term fix to drop a dress size by the weekend.

    Trust me, I feel your pain! The best thing you can do to help the re-education process is to be a walking example of how well eating real food works and why we should all be doing more of it.

    In the meantime you make as well make some lemons out of that lemon-face, it sounds like you have a prime opportunity for some cat-bum based entertainment!


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